Dead Target Mod Apk Latest v4.120.1 (unlimited money mod) Free Download 

Dead Target Mod Apk is a premium version of Dead Target Apk where you will get everything unlocked and unlimited money 

Hello friends are you a simulation game lover and searching for a game that has a lot of action, horror, various weapons, and infected crowd or zombies then you are right there is nothing better than Dead Target Android game but in this busy world no one has time to play the game and earn resources for buying new weapons so we have to pay for it to get it instantly but don’t worry dead target mod apk will solve this problem easily so download and enjoy  



image credit – officials dead target (VNG GAME STUDIOS)

To understand the features you should read the full blog where we try to provide full information about the game 

Main story dead target 

 Well you know friends when you enter the game you are in the situation of the year 2040 when the planet is exhausted by nuclear weapons. Humanity fights for resource balance and as the war continues biological weapons are used many humans get infected but you survive and you have to kill those infected mutants Or zombies by using the most advanced vehicle with new technologies and you continue the fight and upgrade your weapons. 

But the fight will be even more joyful when you play in this dead Target mod apk with unlimited everything. 

What is the Dead Target

   We recently talked about the story of the game and the situations you will face when you play the game but this game is it’s a survival game where your shooting ability decides whether will you escape the zombie city or not. 

What is Dead Target mod? 

Dead Target mod apk provides you unlimited money and ammo facilities to make conditions favorable for you to win in any situation easily in the game

Special Features

 This game will help you to experience different feelings by putting your gaming character in different situations which will test how you make decisions in those horror conditions 

Dead Target Mod Apk is the best zombie game

Dead Target was developed by VNG GAME STUDIO in the year 2014. Not such zombie games with this quality and graphics were available at that time so this was played by most gamers due to the high demand of offline games at that time .

Dead Target is a flexible game

If we look at this game carefully then we can understand how flexible this game is providing you with facilities like customizing games and skins so you get involved and never feel bored once you install it in your device. This Dead Target Mod Apk also enables you a variety of maps for enhancing your gaming experience it consists of nearly about hundred of realistic locations you will find them while playing the game but don’t forget to check the modified version of Dead Target Mod apk with infinite resources and features which will make you your gaming experience fantastic

Fully featured zombie game 

As we have talked about earlier it is played by near about 100 million users all over the world and is one of the most popular creations in India having 4.4 out of 5 ratings which shows how impactful this game is you will find all the weapons available in real world. 

     As a player you need to run, collect rewards, and focus on the moment for the better execution of your game plan you find near about every feature useful and interesting by the are some conditions that are disturbing like when you near mastering the game you need to play more skillfully and need to complete the challenging levels so for these conditions you should try the dead target mod apk which will provide you various features for playing and passing it easily so the game doesn’t become bored so go download and install the dead target mod apk fights against the zombies and defeat them download it for free now. 

Purchase Dead Target Mod apk game assets with unlimited money

This game consists of zombies with greater abilities and capable of knocking you so you need supreme vehicles to kill them and for this, you need to earn a lot of money which is not impossible but requires a lot of time and no one has this thing in this modern world so you will get unlimited money by downloading the dead target mod apk

No interruption

Nowadays you can experience ads everywhere even when you are watching your documents and this is the same problem with Dead Target app but you will not get any ads in the Dead Target Mod apk 

Last words

Dead Target is a futuristic FPS game and it has created its name in the gaming industry most gamers worldwide know this game. A game full filled with various sounds and makes the gaming condition even more horroristic and once you download Dead Target Mod apk you are going to enjoy the game having various features and advantages.

 Advantages of Dead Target Mod Apk 

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads 
  • Use every weapon 
  • Just download and get everything 


You can’t log in friends

Dead Target Mod Apk Good game

Yes if you love offline action games then this will be a perfect option having various locations in maps you should try this

Dead Target Mod Apk Harmful

No, this mod Apk is not harmful you will not meet any malware or viruses in it and it will even not harm your device. 

How to download 

Just go to the download page all the details are shared there just read and follow every single step you will download it easily

People Also Ask

Guys, I know there are a lot of questions running in your productive mind related to this fantastic offline game. Below, I have answered all the commonly asked questions regarding the Dead Target MOD Apk.

Is it safe to use this MOD Apk?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Dead Target Mod APK on your Android devices, and you can use it without worrying about your privacy and security.

Which are the best guns in Dead Target MOD Apk?

There are many powerful guns available in this game, and some of them are listed below:

  • Benelli M4
  • AK-47
  • M4A1
  • M134 Minigun

Can I join my friends in the game?

No, you can’t play this game with your friends because it is an offline game and doesn’t support any multiplayer mode.

What will I get in this Dead Target mod Apk?

We had unlocked all the premium items and resources in this game.

For detailed information, you can check out the following list.

  • Unlimited Gold & Diamonds
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlock the powerful weapons
  • Ad-free experience
  • Infinite bullets


Having 3 and 4 GB RAM in your Android device will be a good option for playing this game a perfect option for those who can’t afford internet and need an offline game to have a lot of things without downloading maps and new items that only require internet when you are downloading the Dead Target Mod apk.

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